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Briefly Dibek

Dibek Restaurant serves as a tourist foundation by taking the1.Class Meat Restaurant title from Tourism Ministry.
Owns 500m2 closed area,2 apart food saloon,1 bar division, heating ,cooling ve air conditioning systems.There exists two different entry,exit  that one of them is a hidrolic elevator,another is stairs for customers and a fire exit.
Decorated by residence owner Ahmet Turan Sarı by  loyaling the objects and architectural designs in the Ottoman period ,namely to be appropriate with Ottoman period.
Dibek Restaurant's main principle is to present you,the customers good quality and delicious products in an clean environment painstakingly and provide customer pleasure
Our service is between 12:30-1:00.We have a package service to your home and office.

LigTV in Dibek

Our Member No:25000009012

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